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Statement on the Burning of Pride Flags in the Neighborhood

Statement on the Burning of Pride Flags in the Neighborhood

As you may have heard on social media, print, or on television, there were at least two acts of arson this week in our North Winton Village neighborhood. Not only was this arson, this was also a hate crime. At least two Gay Pride Flags have been burned while still attached to neighbors’ homes. Confirmed are one on Atlantic Avenue and one on Marion Street.

As a neighborhood, we will not tolerate hateful acts towards our fellow neighbors. We will also not tolerate any kind of property crime in our area. North Winton Village has had a proud history of supporting and looking out for one another in times of need. We are all neighbors, and many of us are also friends. That is what makes us strong and the best neighborhood in Rochester — not because we always agree, but because we all want the best for our neighborhood and our neighbors. There have been many neighbors and friends who have reached out asking what they can do or how they can help. If you have a flag or choose to purchase one, display it and show we stand united against hate and crime in our neighborhood.

There will be an event this Saturday — organized by our neighbors for our neighbors — to show their support. All are welcome to attend.

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