About Us & Board of Directors

About Us & Board of Directors

Since its founding in 1995, the North Winton Village Association (NWVA) has worked tirelessly to keep crime and drugs away from the area, to beautify the neighborhood, and to keep intact the charm of an early 20th century “village” with the amenities of the 21st century.

The NWVA partners closely with the City of Rochester Police Department (RPD), as well as city code enforcement, economic development, local schools, elected officials, and various other organizations. Currently, North Winton Village has the lowest crime rate in Rochester, due in large part to the diligence of the NWVA.

The NWVA is run by a dedicated group of neighborhood volunteers. There are no paid personnel.

Updated 4/18/2018

2018 North Winton Village Association Board of Directors

Term: May 2018 to April 2019

Mary Coffey, Co-Chair

Marilyn Schutte, Co-Chair

Bryce Miller, Vice-Chair

Marilyn Parchus, Treasurer

Brett Wolff, Secretary

Brian Halligan, Social Media

Frank Van Deusen, At Large

John Coraggioso, At Large

Joe Polizzi, At Large

Tony Celino, At Large

Yvonne Chang, At Large

Betty Ann Manganello, At Large

Jennifer Kinsman, At Large

Sami Sheehan, At Large


*Committee Chairs

Beautification: Marilyn Schutte*, Bryce Miller, Marilyn Parchus

Code: Bryce Miller*, Mary Coffey, Marilyn Schutte

Communications: Mary Coffey*, Bryce Miller, Joe Polizzi

Economic Development: John Coraggioso*, Mary Coffey, Joe Polizzi, Marilyn Schutte

Festival of the Arts: Marilyn Parchus*, Frank Van Deusen

Finance: Marilyn Parchus*, Frank Van Deusen

Grants: Frank Van Deusen*, Marilyn Parchus

Historic Preservation: Vacant

Marketing: Bryce Miller*, Brian Halligan

Membership: Brian Halligan*

Safety: Mary Coffey*, Bryce Miller

Website/Social Media: Brian Halligan*

Zoning: Mary Coffey*, Marilyn Schutte

Honorary Members

Tom Green, Mayer Paint & Hardware

Bill Seremetis, Captain Jim’s Fish Market

James Vamvakitis, Liberty Family Restaurant


The NWVA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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