Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety

safety-mapSafety is a top priority of the North Winton Village Association, supported by neighbors and merchants alike. In fact, members of the Rochester Police Department (RPD) have said North Winton Village is the safest neighborhood in Rochester. Neighbors are outside daily, walking dogs, visiting neighbors, enjoying the green spaces and many planters filled with flowers, shopping at the stores, dining at the restaurants, or just getting out for some fresh air and exercise.

These activities encourage neighborhood interaction and an awareness of any unusual activity which can be reported to the RPD.

Click on the image to the left for important phone numbers and a map of the RPD Quadrants. North Winton Village is part of the Southeast Quadrant.

Safety Partners
The NWVA partners with many organizations to address safety and quality of life issues in the neighborhood.

  • Rochester Police Department (RPD)
  • Pac Tac
  • North Edge Neighborhood Association
  • East High School
  • The Center for Youth
  • Neighbors Building Neighborhoods
  • Browncroft Neighborhood Association
  • Browncroft Baptist Church

Reporting a Safety or Quality of Life Issue
Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity or crimes in process. Be prepared to provide a detailed description such as number of people, ages, description of appearance, description of vehicles and license plate numbers.

Call 311 to report nuisance complaints such as loud music, dogs barking and other quality-of-life issues.


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