We like to call membership in the North Winton Village Association “sponsorship” because you are sponsoring your neighborhood. You are, through your monies, sponsoring the efforts of everyone to make this area the best place to live, sponsoring the purchase of flowers and pots and fences and gardens and water and banners and signs, to name a few things. You are sponsoring the hard work of establishing and maintaining a clean, decent, beautiful neighborhood village.

Remember this is a not for profit organization, and everyone is a volunteer.


GOLD sponsorship dues are $45. This level of sponsorship will allow you to put your name on our website with a clickable link to your website. If you do not have a website, we will put your name and address and phone number.

In the future, we will be having additional sponsorships for varying amounts of dues.



Sponsorship dues are $10. This sponsorship shows that you are willing to be a part of the NWVA and you are sponsoring its efforts to continue keeping this a safe, beautiful place to live.


We also would encourage anyone who wishes to “sponsor” something else, such as the website, or pots or banners, to please contact us. Perhaps you would like to ‘sponsor” a Business of the Month on the website, promoting your business? Please contact us and we can discuss what that sponsorship might entail.

For more about dues, please email us.

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