Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The NWVA is run by a dedicated group of neighborhood volunteers. There are no paid personnel. Elections are conducted each April at the annual neighborhood meeting.

2020 North Winton Village Association Board Members

Updated 2/27/2023

Term: May 2022 to April 2023

Mary Coffey, Co-Chair

Marilyn Schutte, Co-Chair

Bryce Miller, Vice-Chair

Marilyn Parchus, Treasurer

Brian Halligan, Social Media

John Coraggioso, At Large

Joe Polizzi, At Large

Yvonne Chang, At Large

Tony Celino, At Large

Jennifer Kinsman, At Large

Barbara Markowetz-Kuipers, At Large


*Committee Chairs

Beautification: Marilyn Schutte*, Bryce Miller, Marilyn Parchus

Code: Bryce Miller*, Mary Coffey, Marilyn Schutte

Communications: Mary Coffey*, Bryce Miller, Joe Polizzi

Economic Development: John Coraggioso*, Mary Coffey, Joe Polizzi, Marilyn Schutte

Festival of the Arts: Marilyn Parchus

Finance: Marilyn Parchus

Grants: Marilyn Parchus

Historic Preservation: Vacant

Marketing: Bryce Miller*, Brian Halligan

Membership: Marilyn Parchus

Safety: Mary Coffey*, Bryce Miller

Website/Social Media: Brian Halligan

Zoning: Mary Coffey*, Marilyn Schutte

Honorary Members

Tom Green, Mayer Paint & Hardware

Bill Seremetis, Captain Jim’s Fish Market

James Vamvakitis, Liberty Family Restaurant

The NWVA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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