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North Winton Village is a thriving community in the City of Rochester with beautiful homes and everything you need right nearby. The neighborhood borders the Bensonhurst neighborhood and Town of Irondequoit to the north, the Browncroft neighborhood and Town of Brighton to the east, the Neighborhood of the Arts and University Avenue to the south, and the E.M.M.A, and Beechwood neighborhoods to the west.

How to Get to North Winton Village

The neighborhood is easily accessible via Rt. 490 (Exit 20) and Rt. 590 (Exit 7). Major roads that run through North Winton Village include N. Winton Rd., Culver Rd., Blossom Rd., Atlantic Ave., East Main St., and Merchants Rd.

Partner Neighborhood Organizations

Please visit the dedicated neighborhood organizations that work along with North Winton Village to make this area a welcoming place to live, work, and visit.

North East Main Neighbors United (NEMNU)

The Pocket

The Triangle of North Winton Village

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