It Takes a Village

The North Winton Village Association is run entirely by volunteers. Some are long term, some are seasonal, some are only for an hour or two, and some just help one particular moment in time. But they are all welcomed, and they all make this neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

We want to encourage you to help. Whatever time you have is needed. Maybe you have a day where you just want to be outside and doing something, maybe you have a particular skill or talent that you think will enhance the neighborhood. Whatever it is please think about giving of yourself and your time.

The list below really only touches the surface. If you want to do something and you don’t see what you are looking for in this list, call us, and we will certainly put your efforts to good use. For example, we occasionally need the use of a truck or some strong arms, and if you can be called upon for help in this area, we can put you on our list to be called when the need arises.

All the gardens need continual care. We need weeding, edging, planting, trimming, and general beautification. We accept donations of plants and trees and furniture and garden art to enhance the gardens. We need constant watering, through Adopt A Pot, or the tree gardens throughout the neighborhood. Like to ride a mower? Linear Garden needs mowing and we have a rider mower. Perhaps you and a friend or a community group want to spend time together doing something for your neighborhood? Anything you might want to do for the gardens would be a help.

Please call Marilyn Parchus at 224-9766 or Marilyn Schutte at 482-2898 or 461-6324, or if you would prefer, email us and let us know what you can do to help your neighborhood and we will find a spot for you.

Painting Transformer Boxes
We want to “transform” the transformer boxes, with painted garden motifs. Wonder what we mean? Check out the box at the corner of North Winton and Blossom. So, if you are a budding artist please call Marilyn Schutte at 482-2898 or 461-6324 or email us your idea.

Computer Skills, Graphics, Photography, Typing
We can always use help in these areas for both the website and keeping our records. Email us to volunteer your time and talents.

Grant Writing
We are always looking to get grants to help the NWVA. If you have any skills that might help this goal, please email us.

We need help getting information onto the website, and getting the NWVA history into computer form. Please email us to volunteer.

Advertising and Fundraising
If you have expertise in these areas and are interested in helping, or even if you just have some ideas, please email us.

Safety Center
We need some help maintaining this, such as keeping it clean. If you have some time, please email us.

Crime Prevention
The number one priority of the NWVA is the prevention of crime. We need people to help Mary Coffey check the neighborhood, report crimes, work with the city and police to make sure that criminals are dealt with in a suitable manner. Although we have the weekly meeting at the Safety Center to report any suspicious activities or ask questions, there is additional work that needs to be done. Please contact Mary Coffey for further details, via phone at 428-1382 or email us.

Committee meeting irregularly on various zoning issues. This committee is for dedicated people who want to make sure that our neighborhood remains a good place to live while encouraging businesses to come and thrive here. Email us for more information.

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