Walks in the Neighborhood

Walks in the Neighborhood

What better way to enjoy North Winton Village than to take a walk through the neighborhood? Start with these, from shortest to longest, or find your own paths. No matter the season, you’re sure to enjoy the sights—and the exercise—you’ll find in our walkable neighborhood. Just click the images to enlarge them.

The Gazebo Park Trail
0.7 mi, about 14 minutes
This short walk takes you by two of the area’s beautiful parks. Unless you’re a power walker on your lunch break, be sure to stop and literally smell the roses.

The Linear Garden Trail
0.7 mi, about 14 minutes
In the same amount of time, you can take a walk through our beautiful garden known best as the location of the annual North Winton Village Festival of the Arts. You’ll also stroll past many of our great neighborhood businesses.

The Humboldt Rec Center Trail
1.1 mi, about 21 minutes
Park at our neighborhood’s city recreation center and walk down Atlantic. Strapped for time? Take a shortcut past School 28 (after school) and down a paved path along the athletic field. Free waste bags are available there if you’re walking your dog.

tryon-park-trailThe Tryon Trail
1.9 mi, about 37 minutes
Tyron Park is the largest in the neighborhood, stretching from Rochester into Irondequoit. While you can always hike or ride the park’s many trails, this walk uses the park as a starting point for your journey into another nice area of North Winton Village.

4-groceries-5kThe Milk Run 5k
5.0 k/3.1 mi, about 1 hour walking
Did you know the area’s many grocery stores are all within a 5k run? Start at Aldi and run past Wegmans and PriceRite on your way back to Blossom. Don’t forget the milk!

The Loop Trail
4.8 mi, about 1 hour 34 minutes
If you’re up for a long walk or a nice run, this path takes you practically around the entire border of our walkable neighborhood. You could walk it in the morning and stop at James Brown’s Place on Culver along the way. After all, you’ll need to replenish your energy…

Send us your favorite walks and photos if you take any along the way to info(at symbol)northwinton.org, and we may share them here or on our Facebook page.

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