For almost twenty years, the North Winton Village Association has been developing one parcel at a time; turning the many areas of high grass and city weeds into beautiful gardens, grassy areas and mini parks, for the enjoyment of everyone. These beautification areas encompass the neighborhood from the east of Brighton along the I 590 corridor, south to University Avenue, North to Irondequoit, and west to Culver Road, and include the many hanging baskets, flowerpots, and tree gardens that grace the area.


Our work on the Gazebo Garden, Linear Park, and flower containers on East Main St. received a 2012 Flower City Gardening Contest award for Best Community Enhancement Gardens.


Of course such a large effort requires many hands and helpers. We always need people to help keep the weeds down, or Adopt A Pot and keep it watered, donate perennials for the areas around trees, water some gardens, or, if you like driving a rider mower, ride around Linear Garden mowing to your heart’s content! Please check out the Volunteer page for more information.

Parks and Gardens

Linear Garden, North Winton Village

1.  Linear Garden

Behind 2299 East Main Street and 98 Mayfield; behind and next to the Summit Bank running from East Main to Mayfield. Large rose bush at entrance on Mayfield welcomes you down the path that is bounded on the east side by a colorful perennial garden running its entire length. There are also raised vegetable and herb beds, and several other garden areas and hanging baskets. The perimeter on the east is bounded by a stunning wooden fence, and a wooded area bounds the western edges. Rest a while on the chairs or move them around to suit your view. On the East Main Street side, next to Summit, is a large grassy area suitable for picnics, games or resting in the shade to take in the view.

Gazebo Park

2.  Gazebo Park

Triangle shaped park area on the east side of North Winton at the intersection of Merchant, North Winton and Elm. Enjoy a seat in the white gazebo, surrounded by bushes and flowers, grazing out on the garden to the west populated by salvia, rose bushes, marigolds, and other perennials.

3.  Bus turnaround garden at Blossom Road

Across from Newcastle Road, to the east of Blossom North nursing home. Graced by immense rose bushes. Well manicured trees surround the curved walkway; rest awhile on the bench.

4.  East High stadium garden and mini-park garden
The stadium garden is on Culver Road in front of the East High stadium. The mini-park garden is on the northeast corner of Atlantic and Culver.

5.  Blossom Road/Winton Road intersection (N.E. & S.E. corners) garden
The Allstate Garden is on the northeast corner of the intersection, with the floral painting on the wall of the building. Notice the utility box: this was the first utility box painted in the city of Rochester.

The southeast corner of the intersection also sports a lovely mini-garden.

6. Humboldt Recreation Center
Although it’s called the Humboldt Rec Center, these gardens are actually located off of Atlantic Ave.

7.  Tops Supermarket garden at railroad bridge
You might never notice this garden, but it is on the west side of North Winton Road to the side of Tops Supermarket, just before the underpass. It is quite high up, but again, the North Winton Village Association took a small weed infested patch and planted a lilac, lilies, and some perennials.

8.  1933 East Main Street (Safety Center) garden
The Safety Center was the recipient of part of the East Main Street grant, and what was once dirt, weeds, and asphalt has been turned into grass and garden, enclosed by a beautiful wrought iron fence.

9.  Gardens at North Winton Village entrances
At the corner of East Main and Culver, you will notice the North Winton Village sign, with a small evergreen garden. There is also a small garden at the sign when you enter the village from Irondequoit on North Winton.

10.  Flower pots (127 of them!) & tree gardens
Flowerpots everywhere, in front of businesses, at corners, and randomly throughout the neighborhood. We have also been trying to plant around the trees and curbs throughout the area, with a goal of getting a good proportion of the trees in commercial areas to have perennial plantings around their feet for the effect of fullness and greenery.

11. Library garden
This garden is between the sidewalk and curb next to the library on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and North Winton.

12. Bus stop garden at Balsam Bagels
Small garden around the tree in front of Balsam Bagels where the bus stops.

13. Raised bed and herb gardens
We have raised beds in the Linear Garden, and also at School #28, where we have partnered in a grant at the Humboldt Rec Center to have raised bed gardens for the kids. We have planted vegetables, and the kids will grow them, pick them, and learn to cook them too. See Grants for more information.

14. Transformer boxes
Transformer BoxesFirst Painted Transformer Box

While many of these boxes have already been painted, we would like to paint the remaining boxes with a garden motif. Check out the Volunteer page for more information or send us an email.

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