Recap of the Annual Neighborhood Meeting

Recap of the Annual Neighborhood Meeting

Thursday, April 11, 2019 the North Winton Village Association held its 23rd annual neighborhood meeting at St. John the Evangelist Church on Humboldt St.

Captain Lloyd Cuyler of the Rochester Police Department was the keynote speaker and several topics of interest to neighbors were covered throughout the night. Here’s a short recap of what was discussed.


–          Crime at 5-year low, still among safest neighborhoods in the city

–          New police station to be built on E. Main across Culver in Beechwood neighborhood in center of Goodman Section, which runs from the beach to Elmwood



–          The store is being built and should be open this fall

–          Aldi on the right side of the former Tops and 2-3 businesses in the left side of the building

–          Developer Flaum agreed to add upgraded gardens/landscaping and historical lighting to plaza


Development at N. Winton & Blossom

–          New rendition of building where Aldi was originally going to go

–          Neighborhood association and independent group of architects both recommended to city that long side of building face N. Winton Rd. but we don’t have final say. Developer wants it in original Aldi location at the back of the lot with the front facing Blossom Rd. and the parking lot in front


Cedarwood Towers

–          Currently being renovated inside and out, 20 apartments at a time

–          Former prize-winning gardens being reestablished

–          Gazebo-type space between towers to host musicians, small concerts open to the neighborhood

–          Seniors and disabled tenants will only be accepted for new apartments, which was the original plan/state for the towers


New Businesses

–          Building across from The Winfield will house a chiropractor and physical therapist

–          Another chiropractor is moving to the former church behind Mobil on Atlantic

–          Building kitty corner to Merchants Wood Fired Pizza will be a cocktail bar/bistro by owners of Half Pint on Park Ave

–          Former Wintonaire will become a new restaurant by the Calabrese brothers, who are part owners of Good Luck


Library Gate

–          NWVA and nearby businesses have tried multiple times to convince the city to remove the gate barring entry to the library parking lot after hours, but the city hasn’t budged. Still working on getting them to change their mind.


Main Street Construction

– Complete reconstruction of the street between Culver and Goodman in planning stages. See


Neighborhood Alliance

NWVA working with Beechwood and EMMA (other side of E. Main St. to Atlantic, up to Goodman, on improving quality of life in the area. Part of proposal is community schools. School #28 (Humboldt St.) and #33 (Beechwood) are being considered to become neighborhood schools



NWVA earned a couple grants to maintain and expand flower pots and benches. It takes thousands of dollars to buy all the plants and replace pots and maintain gardens, including the Linear Garden.


Festival of the Arts

–          See you Saturday, September 14 for this summer’s North Winton Village Festival of the Arts

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