City Council Meeting on Parcel 5 Impact Study

City Council Meeting on Parcel 5 Impact Study

Commentary by NWVA co-chair Mary Coffey:

Call her for more information on this very important issue at 259-5529.

Tuesday, March 20th
6:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers at City Hall

ACTION OPPORTUNITY: City Council is voting on the impact study for Parcel 5, which provides a good opportunity for the public to weigh in on this issue (and other related development issues).

In order to “Speak to Council,” just call (585) 428-7421. You will need to provide your name, address, the organization you are representing (if any), and the topic you plan to speak about. You may also email your request to

It is vital to restore and renovate East Main Street for not only North Winton Village but for the Poverty Initiative Area, and all the neighborhoods on or near East Main Street. Unfortunately, most of East Main Street has been ignored for many, many years. One plus was the Entertainment District leading to the Eastman Theater. It includes the Armory, The Blackfriars Theatre and our beautiful, elegant Auditorium Theater that is Rochester’s premier venue for the performing arts and entertainment.

It is more than upsetting to see that the Broadway shows and other wonderful programs, which brought so many people to our Entertainment District, now may be taken to another location known as Parcel 5. This could only lead to turning this historic area into a potential ghost town and devastate the East side of Rochester.

We see the future of Rochester and East Main Street in the restoration, renovation, and streetscape beautification of our Entertainment District. It could become an area only to be rivaled by the Broadway District of New York City, which treasures and maintains its wonderful old theaters. It would be less costly to restore a whole area of beautiful buildings than to build a new building of glass and plastic downtown.

Mary Coffey

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