Annual Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Annual Neighborhood Meeting Recap


Updated: 4/29/16

The 2016 Annual Neighborhood Meeting was held Tuesday, April 26 at St. John the Evangelist on Humboldt St. Thank you to everyone who came out. We hope you found the meeting to be informative. We’ll continue to post updates to the projects that were discussed at the meeting here on and on our Facebook page.

Here’s an overview of what was covered at the meeting.












Guest Speaker, Captain Lloyd Cuyler

Captain Cuyler & Lieutenant Alberti spoke on the past year’s crime statistics and how to help the police keep the neighborhood safe, such as always calling 911 when you suspect a crime.

Captain Cuyler also mentioned that everyone should know at least five of their neighbors, before describing a person in North Winton Village who had uncovered an illegal scheme by checking with their neighbor.

“North Winton Village is down in crime. It’s a very good place to live.”











North Winton Road Construction

Road, curb, sidewalk, and lighting construction is now taking place between Corwin Rd. and Blossom Rd. Keeler Construction is doing the work for the City. They’re currently working on the water mains. The whole street is slated to be completed in October. Ripping out the old pavement and replacing it with new probably won’t begin until June.


Board members Marilyn Schutte and Bryce Miller spoke about ongoing neighborhood beautification efforts. They and many volunteers do a lot to keep our gardens and streetscapes looking great! If you’d like to volunteer, let us know at











Clean Sweep Schedule

There are four projects in the neighborhood this year on Saturday, April 30.

  1. 9:00 a.m.  – NEMNU (North East Main Neighbors United) is hosting a clean sweep at Hall St. and East Main St.
  2. 9:30 – Stadium Garden at East High School
  3. 9:30 – Linear Garden between East Main St. and Mayfield St.
  4. 10:00 – NeighborWorks and NEMNU are hosting a clean up of the old Royal Blue Trolley Line in the Triangle of North Winton Village.

Economic Development

Board Vice-Chair, John Coraggioso, introduced the new neighborhood business association, the Triangle Merchants Association, and he spoke about some new and pending development in our area, specifically noting some of our new businesses, such as Blossom Road Pub, Stout, Do or Dye Hair Salon, and Merchants Wood Fired Pizza.

  • Aldi – The project will move forward. On Friday, April 29, 2016 the State Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City on the pending appeal filed by some of the neighbors, according to Zina Lagonegro, Director of Planning and Zoning.
  • Clover Lanes – There is no news about the bowling alley’s move to the former Stromberg-Carlson building on Carlson Rd. beyond what’s been reported about their plans to open in September.
  • Vertus Charter School – An existing charter high school in Rochester will be moving to the corner of Culver Rd. and Humbold St. later this year.
  • Burger King – A restaurant may also be built in the area of Culver and Humboldt.

EMMA Neighborhood Organization and Proposed Apartment Building

We acknowledged Dorothy and Sunshine from the EMMA Neighborhood Organization for their efforts in cleaning up the neighborhood on the other side of Culver Rd. They are deeply invested in the area. “This is an area with rock solid people.”

They spoke about the proposed 80-unit housing complex on East Main St. in their neighborhood (near the Hillside building) and how they’re fighting it in favor of encouraging investment in the existing home stock and enticing new businesses to open in the area. The North Winton Village Association supports the EMMA organization in their opposition to the project.

NeighborWorks and the Triangle of North Winton Village

Neighbors from the Triangle area of North Winton Village spoke about the area’s partnership with NeighborWorks Rochester and all the good work that’s going on there, such as:

  • Tree plantings
  • Pop up park at the Cobblestone Building in Culver Rd. (Now on Landmark Society’s “5 to Revive.”)
  • Culver East Main Gateway project bringing art to that entryway to our neighborhood.
  • Bike rack project – artists can submit designs for four bike racks to be placed in the business area of the Triangle.

North Winton Village Festival of the Arts

Board Treasurer Marilyn Parchus spoke about the North Winton Village Festival of the Arts, which will take place on September 17 this year (our 10th festival)!

  • Lots of sponsors (about 40). Thank you!
  • Revenue from festival pays for the Safety Center at 1933 E. Main St.
  • Thank you to our volunteers!
  • We’ll post the vendor application on soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in being a vendor, please write to


Board Secretary Denise Speicher spoke about membership in the North Winton Village Association. Your $10 in dues go toward beautification, flowers & flower pots, maintenance of benches & banners, etc. Thank you to those who have already paid for this year.

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