Pledges of Support for East High School and its New Superintendent

Pledges of Support for East High School and its New Superintendent

The following is a message from Mary Coffey, co-chair of the North Winton Village Association:

The North Winton Village Association met with East High School Superintendent, Shaun Nelms, just last week to say we would like to partner with East High and support the school in any way we can. We are honored that the University of Rochester is taking charge with Superintendent Nelms and his many other wonderful staff members at the helm.

We are starting with a gateway project, spearheaded by Neighborworks Rochester, and involving the North Winton Village, Emma, and Beechwood neighborhood associations. Currently, all the gardens around East High School are planted and maintained by the North Winton Village Association. This new project will be located at the corners of East Main St. and Culver Rd. The community representative from East will be working with us to involve the students.

We must keep in mind the kind deeds of the many wonderful East High students, such as three volunteers who recently asked to help weed the sidewalk garden at the Winton branch library, and never forget that above all they are children. We may often forget what life was like when we were teenagers, some of us more easily than others, however, we all know it was a turbulent time in our lives as we dealt with powerful and sometimes conflicting emotions.

Although the North Winton Village neighborhood works hard at keeping each other safe, we must also be aware that some of our children at East are living in neighborhoods that are not as safe as our own. Some of these children have seen devastating events, as sadly evidenced by the recent Genesee St. shootings. We must be understanding of their anger and confusion and always remember that we are privileged to have them at East High and in North Winton Village. Let us support both the school and the children in any way we can.

Captain Lloyd Cuyler and the Rochester Police Department, along with the NEMNU block group across from East High, have also pledged their much-needed support. Captain Cuyler is not only a supporter of law and order for North Winton Village, but has the compassion and understanding to know what is needed to help the children at East when difficult situations arise.

We appreciate the many comments we’ve received about East High and have sent them to Superintendent Helms. There are going to be some wonderful times ahead, and if there are some things we have to work on, we will. Please feel free to call 259-5529 with any questions, concerns, or compliments, or post them on social media (via Facebook, Twitter, or North Winton Village on and they will get to Superintendent Nelms. Again, we are honored to have the new East High and their students in North Winton Village.

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