North Winton Village, City Hall, and the Rochester Police Department Working Together

North Winton Village, City Hall, and the Rochester Police Department Working Together

We would like to inform you that Gary Kirkmire of City Hall has been working with North Winton Village as has the Rochester Police Department (RPD), headed in this area by Captain Lloyd Cuyler.

Please e-mail us or call 259-5529 when in need of help or if you have any information that may be important in maintaining or improving our neighborhood’s quality of life.


Here are some updates on issues that some neighbors have brought up regarding certain locations and situations:

1836 and 1800 E. Main Street

The area inspector has met with both owners and here is a summary of what we expect will happen:

1826 E Main – Vacant Building

The owner agreed to do the following by the end of next week:

  • Put in two new doors (one in front and one in the rear)
  • Paint the trim everywhere where needed
  • Repair the broken window

1800 E Main – IRR

The manager agreed to come in this Saturday and clean up his storage of pipes and also clean away the weeds that have grown in the back and cut the section of grass on Hall St.

Gary states that he is asking Zoning for a copy of the site plan to determine if there were any outdoor storage limitations there when they were approved back in 1998. This should also allow him to see how the site plan addressed the dumpster screening. Once he has received it (it usually takes a couple of weeks to get it) he will be following up on those issues accordingly.

The Plaza between Merchants and E. Main St.

Gary states he is citing the following violations:

  • The broken fence
  • Dumpster screening
  • Repair of masonry light pole bases
  • Unsanitary condition in The Dollar Tree

Gary states it is his intent to schedule an onsite meeting with the property owner so he knows exactly what we are expecting; this will hopefully take place next week. He will be pressuring both the store operator and the building owner to clean up the store, prevent litter, and keep the dumpster area clean, something Gary will be monitoring and ticketing when necessary.

The code does not allow him to address the repaving or striping of the parking lot in its current condition, but he will attempt to encourage some improvements for the betterment of the neighborhood if and when he is able to meet with the owner.

The Dollar Tree

The New York State Health Department has issued a warning to the dollar store and will be keeping an eye on it.

Also thank you to Captain Lloyd Cuyler and the RPD for driving through and monitoring the plaza in order to prevent drug sales and to keep it crime free.

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