Public Hearing: Open Air Drug Markets and Drug Free Zone Legislation

Public Hearing: Open Air Drug Markets and Drug Free Zone Legislation

Wednesday, December 4th 6:30 PM.
Council Chambers, 3rd floor, Rochester City Hall,
30 Church Street

Public Safety Chair and City Councilman Adam McFadden will hold a public hearing to discuss the City’s overwhelming problems with open air drug markets on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers at City Hall. He is calling for Rochester residents to talk about their experiences, frustrations and fears concerning open air drug markets in their neighborhoods. He asks for input on his proposed legislation for Drug Free Zones at this meeting as well as suggestions from the general public for programs they would like to see implemented to deal with this City-wide blight.

Councilman McFadden has been an advocate for aggressive enforcement to protect our law-abiding citizens and clear our streets of this predatory street drug selling since his first day in office a decade ago. The Rochester community has over and over again expressed its frustration with enforcement and restrictions in addressing the drug activity that is ruining many of our neighborhoods and making economic renaissance impossible.

It is his hope that the comments and ideas that are expressed during this hearing will give the City a new direction and a new hope that will clean up this pernicious source of street crime and restore some of our most challenged neighborhoods to safety.

For further information, please contact Council Offices at 428-7538

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