Crime Prevention Bulletin: Bottle Collectors

Crime Prevention Bulletin: Bottle Collectors

From Crime Prevention Officer Brian Bannerman, 428-7647.

It has come to the attention of your Crime Prevention Officer that there has been an increase in the number of “Bottle Collectors” in your neighborhood. This increase is likely due to neighborhood residents leaving returnable cans and bottles out in the open or in recycle bins for these “bottle collectors” to pick up.
While I’m certain that this is done with the best of intentions, it is very common for “bottle collectors” to commit crimes of opportunity such as burglary or larceny while entering premises where persons are not at home with the intention of collecting returnables. Furthermore, some habitual burglars use the guise of “bottle collector” to conduct surveillance on their potential targets. Furthermore, removing items from trash or recycle bins at the curbside is a violation of City Code “Scavenging”, 20-25.

Because of these risk factors involved with attracting “Bottle Collectors” to your neighborhood, I recommend you do not leave bottles or cans out in the open where they may attract these individuals.
In addition, the Rochester Police Dept. would like to remind all residents of this neighborhood to follow these basic tips to deter crime:

1. Report to 911 immediately all suspicious activity such as persons loitering, going door to door, or the sound of glass breaking.
2. Report any attempt to break into your house such as cuts on your screens near the locks.
3. Keep your doors and windows locked when not at home.
4. Notify a neighbor when you go on vacation.
5. Discontinue newspaper delivery when going on vacation.
6. Trim shrubs to deny burglars a hiding place, especially shrubs around windows.
7. Lock up ladders where they cannot be used by a burglar.

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