Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers

With spring comes new life and the chance to help make North Winton Village an even more enjoyable, safe, and beautiful place to live. If you’d like to volunteer, please let us know. We could use help with everything from maintaining the neighborhood gardens and website, to taking photos, writing grants, and attending police and zoning meetings.

There are also a few special opportunities coming up in the next few months where your time and effort can really make a difference.

1. Humboldt Recreation Center
Marilyn Schutte and Marilyn Parchus has been working with the City on further plans for the exterior grounds of the Humboldt Recreation Center on Atlantic Ave. We’ll need volunteers to help with these improvements, and to help the children of the North Winton Village Healthy Summer program continue to see the positive improvements their efforts make to the neighborhood.

2. United Way
If you haven’t yet made a donation to United Way in 2012, please consider contributing to the North Winton Village Association. Your donation will go a long way toward keeping our neighborhood a safe and attractive place to live this year and for years to come.

3. Clean Sweep
Join us in cleaning up North Winton Village and surrounding neighborhoods on Saturday, May 12 in Cobbs Hill Park as part of the spring Clean Sweep coordinated by the City of Rochester. 
Register for Clean Sweep today!

4. Save the Date — Annual North Winton Village Flower Sale
The flower sale is a neighborhood tradition that takes place on May 12, the day before Mother’s Day. Purchase some flowers to beautify your home and your neighborhood, while helping fund the good work of the North Winton Village Association. 

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