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School 28 Zoning Issues

School 28 Zoning Issues

There are serious problems with the proposed School #28 development project, as beautiful backyards are at stake.  NWVA recently in June attended a meeting at 104 Amsterdam Rd. with approximately 40 neighbors and Central School District and City officials present. Present were Elaine Spaulle, our city council representative, our new CSD Superintendent Bolgen Vargas, School Board members Melisza Campos and Alan Williams,  the project director, architect DiBella Engineering, Bret Garwood of City of Rochester Housing and Nancy Price, City Service Center.   Hopefully they understand North Winton Village is very serious about green space. The point was made that the CSD made a very poor decision in thinking to take backyard space—they need to go elsewhere for their plans for more students, buses and cars.  Local news personalities Rachel Barnhardt and Bob Lonsberry seem very interested in this case, and Marilyn Schutte received a call from Channel 8.

UPDATE: Meetings and discussions are still being held on this issue. To learn more or to become involved, please contact one of the following: Nancy Price 428-8814, talamark@rochester.rr.com, or Marilyn Parchus (NWVA representative) 224-9766.

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