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Greenhouse Cafe Hours and Menu

Greenhouse Cafe Hours and Menu

Hours and menu for the new Greenhouse Cafe at 2271 E. Main St. near N. Winton Rd. Come out and support new neighborhood businesses as well as your old favorites, and help keep North Winton Village a great place to live, eat, work, and shop!

Monday through Thursday  7-7
Friday 7-8
Saturday 8-8
Sunday 9-3



Coffee $1.75
Refill $1.00
Tea $1.25
Italian/Cream Soda $2.75
Smoothies $4.75


Bagel $1.50
Cream Cheese/PB&J $2.50
Muffins $3.00
Rugalach $3.50
Scones $2.75
Pastalillos $3.00
Cinnamon Roll $3.00
Danish $2.75
Fruit Tarts $2.75
Quesitos $3.00
Cookies $1.50
Gelato/Sorbet $3.95

Soup Cup 2.75 Bowl $5.00

Quiche $6.50

Salad Special & Build Your Own
Starting at $6.00

Panini Special & Build Your Own

PB&J $4.25
Gr. Cheese & Tomato $5.25
Veggie $5.25
Others $6.50 to 9.50

Add to Panini or Salad

Meat/mixed salad $2.00
Cheese $1.00
Add nuts $ .75
Other $ .50
Cup Soup or side salad $2.25
(add to quiche as well)


Greenhouse Cafe Reopening June 1, 2012

Greenhouse Cafe Reopening June 1, 2012

Good news for North Winton Village! The Greenhouse Café at 2271 E. Main St. is reopening under new management on June 1, 2012.

The new management is The Coffee Connection, which has another location on South Avenue in the South Wedge neighborhood.

The cafe will be opening early mornings at 7:00 a.m.

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